Junk yards, automobile wrecking or salvage shall be permitted by special use permit in the I-2 District provided:
   (A)   Shall be established and maintained in accordance with all applicable State of Michigan Statutes.
   (B)   Shall be fenced around the entire periphery of the property in use with a solid screen no less than eight feet high, of sound construction, painted, or otherwise finished neatly and inconspicuously.  No sign, advertising, lettering, or other display may be placed on such screen fence.
   (C)   All activities shall be confined within the fenced-in area.  No equipment or material shall be used or stored outside the fenced-in areas.
   (D)   Fences shall be set back 100 feet from all streets or highways.
   (E)   No open burning shall be permitted.
   (F)   The site shall be located with direct access to and frontage on a primary thoroughfare as designated in the Community Development Plan.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)