Hospital facilities for the purpose of serving psychiatric and incarcerated patients are a permitted by special use permit in the MC District provided:
   (A)   The total number of beds used for treating psychiatric or incarcerated patients does not exceed 20% of the total beds available at the hospital.
   (B)   Legal non-conforming facilities will not be required to obtain a special use permit unless they expand beyond the current number of beds being used for the care of psychiatric or incarcerated patients.
   (C)   The applicant shall demonstrate adequate provisions for securing those areas used for the treating of psychiatric or incarcerated patients.
   (D)   If the use for which this permit is issued is discontinued or reduced in size to an extent that a special use permit is not required for a period of one year, reestablishment or re-expansion of the use shall require approval of a new special use permit.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)