Bed and breakfast establishments are permitted by special use permit in the R-2, R-3L and R-3H Districts provided:
   (A)   Customers are limited to a maximum continuous stay of 14 days.
   (B)   The bed and breakfast establishment is limited to the residence only.  Accessory buildings such as garages may not be converted into use for the bed and breakfast establishment.
   (C)   The owner/operator shall reside in the establishment.
   (D)   There will be no change in the exterior appearance so that the establishment is out of character with other single family homes in the area in which it is located.
   (E)   Outdoor eating areas shall be illustrated on the site plans and shall only be allowed if they are adequately buffered from adjacent residences.
   (F)   Off-street parking areas for guests shall be located in the side or rear yard and shall be adequately buffered from adjacent residences so that the parking area is not out of character with the surrounding homes.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)