Auto service stations are permitted by special use permit in the GC, CBD, I-1 and I-2 Districts provided:
   (A)   An automobile service station shall be located on a lot having a frontage along a  state highway or major street of not less than 100 feet, and having a minimum area of not less than 15,000 square feet.
   (B)   An auto service station building housing an office and/or facilities for servicing, greasing and/or washing motor vehicles shall be located not less than 40 feet from any street lot line, and not less than 25 feet from any side or rear lot line adjoining a residentially zoned district.
   (C)   All driveways providing ingress to or egress from an automobile service station shall be not more than 30 feet wide at the property line.  No more than one curb opening shall be permitted for each 50 feet of frontage or major fraction thereof along any street.  No driveway or curb opening shall be located nearer than 20 feet to any intersecting street rights-of-way or adjacent to residential property.  No driveway shall be located nearer than 30 feet, as measured along the property line, to any other driveway giving access to or from the same automobile service station.
   (D)   A raised curb six inches in height shall be erected along all street lot lines, except for driveway openings.
   (E)   The entire lot, excluding the area occupied by a building, shall be hard-surfaced with concrete or a plant-mixed bituminous material except desirable landscaped areas which shall be separated from all paved areas by a low barrier or curb.
   (F)   All lubrication equipment, motor vehicle washing equipment, hydraulic hoists and pits shall be enclosed entirely within a building.  All gasoline pumps shall be located not less than 15 feet from any lot line, and shall be arranged so that motor vehicles shall not be supplied with gasoline or serviced while parked upon or over-hanging any public sidewalk, street or right-of-way.
   (G)   All exterior lighting, including illuminating signs, shall be erected and hooded or shielded so as to be deflected away from adjacent property.
   (H)   There shall be no outdoor storage of automobiles, parts or equipment.
   (I)   All underground storage tanks shall comply with state and federal laws concerning secondary containment, leak detection devices, and the like.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)