(A)   Following receipt of the Planning Commission's recommendation and report on the public hearing, the City Commission may take action on the amendment or hold additional public hearings. The City Commission shall grant a public hearing on a proposed amendment to the property owner who requests a hearing by certified mail, addressed to the City Clerk.  If the City Commission chooses to hold additional public hearings, it shall follow the notification procedures required for the Planning Commission Public Hearing.
   (B)   If the City Commission considers changes to the proposed amendment, it may refer those changes back to the Planning Commission for their comments or take action on the amendment.
   (C)   Approval of the amendment shall be by a majority vote of the City Commission members unless presented with a protest petition outlined in § 155.387.
   (D)   Upon presentation of a protest petition meeting the requirements of this division, an amendment to a zoning chapter which is the object of the petition shall be passed only by a two-thirds vote of the City Commission.  The protest petition shall be presented to the City Commission before final legislative action on the amendment, and shall be signed by one of the following:
      (1)   The owners of at least 20% of the area of land included in the proposed changes.
      (2)   The owners of at least 20% of the area of land included within an area extending outward 100 feet from any point on the boundary of the land included in the proposed change.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)