Conventional condominiums shall comply with the monumenting requirements contained in the Condominium Act, PA 59 of 1978.  Site condominiums shall comply with the following requirements:
   (A)   Monuments shall be located in the ground and made according to the following requirements, but it is not intended or required that monuments be placed within their traveled portion of a street to mark angles in the boundary of the subdivision if the angles points can be readily reestablished by reference to monuments along the sidelines of the streets.
   (B)   All monuments used shall be made of solid iron or steel at least ½ inch in diameter and 36 inches long and completely encased in concrete at least four inches in diameter.
   (C)   Monuments shall be located in the ground at all angles in the boundaries of the site condominium; at the intersection lines of streets and at the intersection of the lines of streets with the boundaries of the site condominium and at the intersection of alleys with the boundaries of the site condominium; at the points of curvature, points of reverse curvature and angle points in the side lines of streets and alleys; and at all angles of an intermediate traverse line.
   (D)   If the required location of a monument is in an inaccessible place, or where the locating of a monument would be clearly impractical, it is sufficient to place a reference monument nearby and the precise location thereof be clearly indicated on the plat and referenced to the true point.
   (E)   If a point required to be monumented is on a bedrock outcropping, a steel rod, at least ½ inch in diameter shall be drilled and grouted into solid rock to a depth of at least eight inches.
   (F)   All required monuments shall be placed flush with the ground where practicable.
   (G)   The corner of each area consisting of a unit and the associated limited common area reserved for that unit, and treated as a "lot" under this chapter shall be monumented in the field by iron or steel bars or iron pipes at least 18 inches long and ½ inch diameter, or other approved markers.
   (H)   The City Commission may waive the placing of any of the required monuments and markers for a reasonable time, not to exceed one year, on condition that the proprietor deposits with the city cash or a certified check, or irrevocable bank letter of credit running to the city, whichever the proprietor selects, in an amount not less than $100 per monument and not less than $400 in total, except that lot corner markers shall be at the rate of not less than $25 per markers.  Such cash, certified check or irrevocable bank letter of credit shall be returned to the proprietor upon receipt of a certificate by a surveyor that the monuments and markers have been placed as required within the time specified.  If the proprietor defaults the city shall promptly require a surveyor to locate the monuments and markers in the grounds as certified on the subdivision plan, at a cost not to exceed the amount of the security deposited and shall pay the surveyor.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)