At least 45 days prior to the Planning Commission meeting at which a developer wishes a proposed plan to be considered by the Planning Commission, the developer shall submit a copy of the proposed plan and meet with planning staff to review the plan for form and content.  Meeting with planning staff may be in person, by telephone or by any other method as staff and the developer may agree.  The Planning Commission will not consider any plan unless the above pre-submission review has been conducted as set forth above.  A preliminary site plan consists of a drawing at a scale of 1"=50' or less that shows:
   (A)   Property dimensions.
   (B)   Significant vegetation.
   (C)   Water courses and water bodies.
   (D)   Drainage patterns.
   (E)   Existing right-of-ways and other public or private easements.
   (F)   Existing buildings and structures on the lot and within 50 feet of the lot and their dimensions.
   (G)   Proposed use of all buildings and land and existing use of adjacent parcels.
   (H)   Existing and proposed parking.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)