(A)   A non-conforming building or a building housing a non-conforming use which is partially destroyed in any manner, or from any cause whatsoever, may be restored provided the cost of such restoration does not exceed 60% if a non-conforming residential use, or if the cost of restoration does not exceed 50% for all other non-conforming uses under this Code.  No repairs or restoration shall be undertaken, however, unless started within one year from the date of the partial destruction and is diligently carried on to completion once started.  If the cost of restoration exceeds 60% of the cost of replacing the entire structure in all other classifications, such structure, when restored, shall comply with all provisions of the district in which it is located, except that, if it is located on a lot with a smaller lot area, or a lesser width of lot than is prescribed for the district in which it is located, including use it need not comply with the provisions of that district for minimum lot area or minimum width of lot but shall maintain as a minimum, the lot area and lot width existing previous to the damage to the building or structure. Buildings with non-conforming parking areas that require restoration in excess of 60% of the replacement cost of the building must be built so that the parking complies with the chapter.
   (B)   The determination of replacement cost shall be made by the Zoning Administrator.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)