(A)   A temporary building, structure, or yard for construction materials or equipment or a temporary office for the sale or rental of real property, if in connection with and incidental and necessary to a real estate development, shall be permitted in any district provided that  authorization for this temporary use, issued in conjunction with a building permit for the project shall be valid for not more than six months and may not be renewed more than three times. All temporary buildings, structures, construction material or equipment shall be removed immediately upon completion or abandonment of the construction work.
   (B)   Christmas tree sales may be permitted in any district upon application for an issuance of a temporary Christmas tree sales permit by the Zoning Administrator provided that any permit for such use shall be valid for not more than 30 days.
   (C)   A temporary permit may be issued to residents of the city for the use of a camper trailer or recreational vehicle as a temporary residence under the following conditions:
      (1)   The permit may be issued for a maximum of 14 days. Only two permits may be issued to any household per year.
      (2)   The vehicle must be parked on a single-family or duplex residential lot. The vehicle may not be parked in the street.
      (3)   The occupants of the vehicle must have access to bathroom facilities on the lot they are parked on other than those in their vehicle.
   (D)   Garage sales are permitted as an accessory use to any attached or detached single-family residence, provided that any one garage sale does not last more than seven consecutive days and only two garage sales are permitted per residence per year.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)