In the I-2 District, the following uses are permitted:
   (A)   Production, processing, cleaning, testing, repair, storage, and distribution of materials, goods, foodstuffs, and products on the lot, all of which uses shall comply with the requirements specified in § 155.214.
   (B)   (1)   Accessory uses and structures clearly appurtenant to the main use of the lot and customary to and commonly associated with the main use, such as:
      (2)   Incidental offices for management and materials control.
   (C)   Adult business.
   (D)   Bus terminals and garages.
   (E)   Continuation of present residential uses.
   (F)   Contractor offices and shops such as buildings, concrete, electrical, heating, air conditioning, masonry, painting, plumbing and roofing.
   (G)   Corporate headquarters and offices.
   (H)   Essential services.
   (I)   Fences.
   (J)   Gas regulator stations, utility dumping stations, power substations, and water towers; provided these uses are necessary for service to the adjacent area.  If these uses are to service a larger area, a special use permit is required.
   (K)   High tech businesses.
   (L)   Office park.
   (M)   Offices for management and material controls.
   (N)   Off-street parking and loading.
   (O)   Public utility and public service uses including:
      (1)   Bus terminals and garages.
      (2)   Telephone exchanges.
   (P)   Restaurant or cafeteria facilities for employees.
   (Q)   Retail sales of material manufactured on the site.
   (R)   Signs, including identification signs referring to the principal activities performed on the premises or to the person or firm performing these activities.
   (S)   Swimming pools.
   (T)   Temporary building structures or yards.
   (U)   Truck or rail freight terminal.
   (V)   Warehouse.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)