In the O District, the following uses are permitted subject to all specific regulations of this chapter:
   (A)   Business offices of a public utility, transportation, advertising, real estate, insurance, commercial or industrial establishment.
   (B)   Accessory uses and buildings.
   (C)   Child care facility.
   (D)   Christmas tree sales.
   (E)   Continuation of existing residential uses.
   (F)   Essential services.
   (G)   Fences.
   (H)   Banks, loan offices, stock exchange offices and other financial institutions.
   (I)   Government offices.
   (J)   Professional and other offices drawing a large number of clients and/or customers such as:
      (1)   Doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects; offices and clinics;
      (2)   Insurance, realty, union offices;
      (3)   Post office, public utility office.
   (K)   Miscellaneous business services such as consumer-credit reporting agencies, mailing list and stenographic services business and management consulting services.
   (L)   Mortuaries, funeral homes, and museums.
   (M)   Offices, such as professional membership organizations, labor unions, civic, social, and fraternal associations, political organizations, and religious organizations.
   (N)   Photo studies.
   (O)   Restaurants and bars without drive-in service.
   (P)   All uses permitted by right in the residential district, under all requirements applicable in the R3L District. The uses are:
      (1)   Residence, one-family.
      (2)   Residence, townhouse.
      (3)   Accessory uses and buildings.
      (4)   Adult foster care family home or adult foster care small group home (one through six persons).
      (5)   Adult foster care small group homes (seven through 12) and large group homes.
      (6)   Essential services.
      (7)   Family day care or group day care home.
      (8)   Fences.
      (9)   Gas regulator stations, utility dumping stations, power substations, and water towers; provided these uses are necessary for service to the adjacent residential area.  If these uses are to service a larger area, a special use permit is required.
      (10)   Golf course and country club.
      (11)   Home occupations.
      (12)   The keeping of household pets.
      (13)   Off-street parking and loading.
      (14)   Signs.
      (15)   Swimming pools.
      (16)   Temporary buildings, structures, or yards for construction materials or a temporary office for the sale or rental of real property.  Such buildings shall be incidental to construction work.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)