Uses permitted in the CBD District shall be subject to the following conditions:
   (A)   Except for news and other public information media, all goods produced in this district shall be sold at retail on the premises where produced.
   (B)   All business, servicing, or processing, except for off-street parking or loading, shall be conducted within completely enclosed buildings.
   (C)   Establishments of a "drive-in" or "drive-thru" type offering goods or services directly to customers waiting in parked motor vehicles are not permitted.
   (D)   The operation of any machinery, or the conduct of any process or activity, or the storage or display of goods, shall be such as not to be obnoxious or offensive by reason of the emission of odors, fumes, dust, smoke, noise, or vibration, or glare of lights; nor through any sort of physical obstruction of pedestrian or vehicular traffic; and provided that any use shall not cause a measurable noise emanating from the premises which is greater than that specified under § 155.124, as measured at the boundary property line.
   (E)   Residential uses (including hotel units) are not permitted on the first floor along the prime retail frontage (as defined and described in § 155.004), and are only permitted on the second floor and above, per applicable regulations.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013; Am. Ord. 626, passed 8-22-2016)