In the GC District the following uses are permitted:
   (A)   Generally recognized retail business or service establishments, such as the following:
      (1)   Food stores including supermarkets and all types of specialty food stores such as bakeries, candy stores, and similar uses.
      (2)   Drug stores, variety stores.
      (3)   Hardware and related stores, such as paint, wallpaper, and similar uses.
      (4)   Department stores.
      (5)   Apparel shops, including specialty shops of all sorts, shoe stores, and similar uses.
      (6)   Furniture and appliances, including rugs, floor coverings, drapery, sewing machine shops, used furniture, office supplies, and similar uses.
      (7)   Gift shops, camera shops, record shops, and similar uses.
      (8)   Service shops such as barber, beauty, laundry, cleaner, copying and similar uses.
      (9)   Minor repair shops such as shoe and watch repair.
      (10)   Banks, loan offices, stock exchange offices and other financial institutions.
      (11)   Hotels and motels.
      (12)   Travel agencies, automobile club, chamber of commerce.
      (13)   Eating and drinking establishments without drive-in or drive-thru service.
      (14)   Professional and other offices drawing a large number of clients and/or customers such as:
         (a)   Doctors, dentists, lawyers, architects; offices and clinics;
         (b)   Insurance, realty, union offices;
         (c)   Post office, public utility office.
      (15)   Newspaper offices and related printing facilities.
      (16)   Miscellaneous business services such as consumer-credit reporting agencies, mailing list and stenographic services business and management consulting services.
   (B)   Accessory uses and buildings.
   (C)   Adult businesses.
   (D)   Building materials sales, feed store and fuel dealer with outdoor display and storage.
   (E)   Car wash.
   (F)   Child care facility.
   (G)   Christmas trees sales.
   (H)   Continuation of present residential uses.
   (I)   Commercial recreation.
   (J)   Restaurants and bars without drive-in or drive-thru service.
   (K)   Essential services.
   (L)   Fences.
   (M)   Funeral homes and mortuaries.
   (N)   Gas regulator stations, utility pumping stations, power substations and water towers not necessary for service to the adjacent residential area.
   (O)   Motor vehicle, trailer, farm implement and boat display, sales and rental; provided any repair or service shall be carried on in a completely enclosed building.  Outdoor space used for display of motor vehicles, trailers, or boats shall be paved and adequately maintained so as to provide a durable, smooth and dustless surface; no such display may take place in the required front yard.
   (P)   Motor vehicle repairing and car wash, when all storage of vehicles, as well as, all activities, are conducted wholly within a permanent, fully enclosed building.
   (Q)   Newspaper offices and related printing facilities.
   (R)   Off-street parking facilities.
   (S)   Office parks.
   (T)   Photographic studios.
   (U)   Post office, public utility office.
   (V)   Religious institutions.
   (W)   Retail sales of building materials, feed store, fuel dealer with outdoor display and storage.
   (X)   Signs.
   (Y)   Swimming pools.
   (Z)   Temporary buildings, structures and yards.
   (AA)   Theatres, auditoriums, and other places of public assembly where all activities are conducted inside a building.
   (BB)   Veterinary hospital or kennel when all activities are carried on in completely enclosed buildings.
   (CC)   Video gaming establishments.
   (DD)   Video sales and rental establishments.
   (EE)   Warehouse.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)