§ 155.002  OBJECTIVES.
   In order to implement the purposes of zoning as set forth in Act 207 for the maximum benefit of the people of St. Johns, the objectives of this chapter are to:
   (A)   Achieve the goals represented in the St. Johns Community Development Plan of current adoption by establishing standards for community development in accordance with these goals.
   (B)   Realize optimum economy in the expenditure of public funds for facilities and services.
   (C)   Allow each use of land to develop with the assurance that it may be carried on without facing the possibility of detrimental influence from the use on any other parcel in the zoning district.
   (D)   Provide for orderly physical development by encouraging uses of land in accordance with its character, adaptability, and suitability for particular purposes and an arrangement of land uses which will recognize the best use and location of land in order to maximize economic benefit for the community as a whole.
   (E)   Provide for an intensity of the several land uses which will allow full utilization of land without overcrowding, without overtaxing of utility services, and without interfering with the functions of particular streets and highways as indicated in the Community Development Plan.
   (F)   Eliminate to the maximum extent possible potential dangers to life and health from all uses of the land.
   (G)   Lessen congestion in the public streets by providing for off-street parking of motor vehicles and for off-street loading and unloading of commercial vehicles.
   (H)   Provide for the conservation of social and economic stability, property values, and the general character and trend of community development by encouraging the maintenance and strengthening of those features of the city’s development which contribute to the citizen’s welfare.
   (I)   Encourage all uses of the land to conform to all applicable provisions of this chapter and encourage discontinuance of existing uses that are not permitted as new uses under the provisions of the chapter.
(Ord. 616, passed 9-23-2013)