(A)   Unless a section of this chapter specifically provides otherwise, any person, firm, corporation, trust, partnership or other legal entity which violates a provision of this chapter shall be responsible for a municipal civil infraction and shall be fined accordingly.
   (B)   Each day a violation occurs or continues shall constitute a separate offense; and shall make the violator liable for the imposition of a fine and other penalties for each day of violation.
   (C)   The owner, co-owner and occupant(s) of any lot which is in violation of a provision of this chapter shall each be responsible for a municipal civil infraction and shall be subject to the fines, costs and orders as provided herein.
   (D)   Any structure which is erected, altered, or converted in violation of any provision of this chapter is declared to be a public nuisance per se, and may be abated by order of court of competent jurisdiction.
   (E)   Any person or entity who, after having been determined to be responsible for a violation of this chapter, commits or is found responsible for a subsequent violation within a two-year period, shall be fined double the amount assessed for the immediately preceding violation.
   (F)   The rights and remedies provided are cumulative and are in addition to any other remedies provided by law.
   (G)   Nothing herein shall be interpreted to limit the authority of the city to revoke an approval previously granted due to any violations of this chapter, which right is expressly reserved.
(Ord. 644, passed 6-25-2018)