§ 50.080 VIOLATIONS.
   (A)   Whenever there is a failure to follow an approved stormwater management plan or permit, or whenever, by the provisions of this chapter, the performance of any act is required or prohibited, or any regulation or limitation is imposed on the use of any land, or the erection, alteration, use, or change of use of any structure, a failure to comply with such provisions shall constitute a violation of this chapter.
   (B)   Any owner, tenant, or occupant of any land, structure, or part thereof, and any architect, engineer, designer, builder, contractor, consultant, agent, or other person who, acting individually or in concert, designs or constructs any system, structure, or part thereof, or otherwise directs, assists, allows, or participates, either directly or indirectly, in any conduct or activity which creates or maintains a situation that is contrary to the requirements contained in this chapter may be held responsible for the violation, and therefore subject to the penalties and remedies contained herein.
(Ord. 03-006, passed 8-13-2003)