(A)   Authorization to adopt and impose best management practices. The county will adopt requirements identifying best management practices for any activity, operation, or facility, that may cause or contribute to pollution or contamination of stormwater, the storm drain system, or waters of the U.S. as documented in a separate Stormwater Management Manual. Where BMP requirements are promulgated by the county or any federal, state, or regional agency for any activity, operation, or facility which would otherwise cause the discharge of pollutants to the storm drain system or water of the U.S., every person undertaking such activity or operation, or owning or operating such facility, shall comply with such requirements. The Stormwater Administrator will report to the County Board of Commissioners annually on the status of implementation of BMPs, the pollutants of concern to be addressed the next year, and any new BMPs to be developed. BMPs developed under this program will be incorporated as part of the county’s Stormwater Management Manual.
   (B)   New development and redevelopment. The county may adopt requirements identifying appropriate BMPs to control the volume, rate, and potential pollutant load of stormwater runoff from new development and redevelopment projects as may be appropriate to minimize the generation, transport, and discharge of pollutants. The county shall incorporate such requirements in any land use entitlement and construction or building-related permit to be issued relative to such development or redevelopment. The owner and developer shall comply with the terms, provisions, and conditions of such land use entitlements and building permits as required in this chapter.
   (C)   Responsibility to implement best management practices. Notwithstanding the presence or absence of requirements promulgated pursuant to divisions (A) and (B), any person engaged in activities or operations, or owning facilities or property which will or may result in pollutants entering stormwater, the storm drain system, or waters of the U.S. shall implement BMPs to the maximum extend practicable to prevent and reduce such pollutants. The owner or operator of a commercial or industrial establishment shall provide reasonable protection from accidental discharge of prohibited materials or other wastes into the municipal storm drain system or watercourses. Facilities to prevent accidental discharge of prohibited materials or other wastes shall be provided and maintained at the owner’s or operator’s expense.
   (D)   Obtaining BMP information. BMPs required by the county can be obtained from the Stormwater Administrator’s office by requesting the BMP information appropriate to a commercial or industrial activity from the Stormwater Management Manual.
(Ord. 03-006, passed 8-13-2003)