Any unpaid or delinquent storm water utility connection charges may be recovered from the occupant or owner of the premises billed therefor in a civil action by the city in any competent jurisdiction or, in the discretion of the City Council, may be certified to the county’s Auditor as taxes against any such property to be collected and paid over to the city along with other taxes. Either or both of such methods of collection thereof may be pursued by the city until payment in full has been made, and the initiation of one such method of collection shall not be deemed to be an election preventing the city from thereafter using the other method of collection until paid in full. Payment of delinquent storm drainage utility and connection charges shall be credited to the same fund used for current storm utility charges, deducting therefrom any costs of collection accruing to the city therefor.
(Ord. 79, passed 12-15-2004)