(A)   The city has a very extensive storm water drainage system which includes storm pipe, holding ponds, drainage ways and creeks to serve the needs of the community. In order to help defray the cost of the establishment, construction, repair, replacement, maintenance, enlargement and improvement of said system it is hereby determined by the City Council that there shall be a storm water drainage utility charge and a storm water connection charge payable by every lot, parcel or piece of property which shall hereafter connect to the storm water disposal system or by each additional use causing excessive discharge of storm water, whether residential, commercial or industrial, or upon the construction of additional units upon land already connected to the system.
   (B)   It is hereby determined to be the policy of the city that the benefit to any lot, piece or parcel of land developed within the city limits and benefitting from storm sewer or availability is similar and that payment for said services or availability should be collected on as fair, reasonable and equitable basis as possible. It is further determined that any charge set forth pursuant to this chapter is in addition to any connection charge, permit fee or meter charge pursuant to any other ordinance of the city of any other governmental entity or agency.
(Ord. 79, passed 12-15-2004)