(A)   Substandard dwelling unit. No substandard dwelling units are allowed.
   (B)   Condition. No owner or manager shall allow infestation if extermination is not the tenant’s responsibility by law.
   (C)   Improper occupancy. No rental dwelling shall be used in a manner inconsistent with its design or construction.
   (D)   Smoke detectors. No smoke detector installed in a rental dwelling unit shall be allowed to remain disabled or non-functional. The tenant of a rental dwelling unit shall notify the owner or manager within 24 hours of discovering that a detector is disabled or not functioning. The owner or manager shall take immediate action to render the smoke detector operational or replace it.
   (E)   Carbon monoxide alarms. Each rental dwelling unit shall have an approved and operational carbon monoxide alarm installed with ten feet of each room used for sleeping purposes as required by M.S. §§ 299F.50 and 299F.51, as they may be amended from time to time, unless an exception listed in M.S. § 299F.51, Subd. 5, as it may be amended from time to time, applies.
   (F)   Refuse. Each rental dwelling shall have an adequate number of refuse containers to hold the amount of refuse produced by the occupants of the rental dwelling or as required elsewhere by the city code. Containers shall be rodent- and animal-proof plastic, fiberglass or rust-resistant metal with a tight- fitting cover. Tenants shall properly dispose of their recyclables, rubbish, garbage and other organic waste.
   (G)   Unused or discarded items. Discarded, unused and junk appliances, furniture, mattresses and other items shall be promptly removed from the premises, but in all cases such removal shall occur within seven days.
   (H)   Storage of items. Large amounts of combustible items and materials shall not be stored in the attic or basement of the rental dwelling. Storage shall be maintained two feet or more below ceilings and floor joists. Combustible materials and items shall not be stored within one foot of any fuel burning appliances. Storage of items shall be orderly and shall not block or obstruct exits. A minimum three-foot wide aisle shall be maintained to all exits, furnaces, water heaters, water meters, gas meters or other equipment serving the rental dwelling.
   (I)   Fuel storage. LP tanks, gasoline tanks and kerosene tanks shall only be stored outdoors.
   (J)   Fueled equipment. Fueled equipment including, but not limited to, motorcycles, mopeds, lawn- care equipment and portable cooking equipment shall only be stored outdoors or in the garage of a rental dwelling.
   (K)   Barbecues and open flames. No person shall kindle, maintain or cause any fire or open flame on any balcony above ground level, on any roof or on any ground floor patio within 15 feet of any rental dwelling unit. Further, no person shall store or use any fuel, barbecue, torch or similar heating or lighting chemicals or device in such locations.
   (L)   Sidewalks, walkways, stairs, driveways and the like. All sidewalks, walkways, stairs, driveways, parking spaces and similar areas on a premises shall be kept in a proper state of repair and maintained free from hazardous conditions.
   (M)   Defacement of property. If a rental dwelling is defaced by graffiti, the graffiti shall promptly be removed.
(Ord. 83C, passed 2-16-2011)  Penalty, see § 151.99