(a)   Purpose, Applicability. This section establishes standards for placing dogs outdoors, providing shelter and sustenance to dogs, and for how extreme weather conditions affect the required treatment of dogs. These standards are meant to supplement, not replace or conflict with, the requirements and prohibitions related to the treatment of all types of domestic animals that are currently found in Section 959.13 of the Ohio Revised Code.
   (b)   Outdoor Time Limits During Extreme Weather Conditions.
      (1)    No owner, keeper, or harborer of a dog shall leave the dog outdoors without adequate shelter for longer than sixty minutes when the temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
          (2)    No owner, keeper, or harborer of a dog shall leave the dog outdoors for longer than necessary for the dog to urinate and/or defecate without adequate shelter when the National Weather Service has issued a severe weather warning for the location in which the dog is kept or harbored.
   (c)    Adequate Shelter.
          (1)    Suitable size, construction. No owner, keeper, or harborer of a dog who keeps or harbors a dog outdoors as the dog's primary living space shall fail to provide for the dog a shelter suitable for the dog's breed, size, age, coat, and health.
          (2)    No standing water. All shelters must be designed and/or located such that water does not gather and stand within the structure.
          (3)    Outdoor dogs in extreme weather conditions. The owner, keeper, or harborer of a dog who provides the dog with a shelter shall adhere to paragraph (b) of this section, related to time limits during extreme weather conditions, unless the shelter provided for the dog has design and construction characteristics that, alone or in combination, sufficiently protect a particular dog against extreme weather conditions. Such characteristics include, but are not limited to, the following:
         A.   Door, flap, or similar device to close shelter from the elements;
         B.   Construction of material durable enough to withstand strong wind;
         C.   Insulation;
         D.   Bedding of a material to protect against temperature extremes;
         E.   Floor raised above the ground;
         F.   Airflow system, fan, or other cooling mechanism.
      (4)    No exception if access to shelter blocked. An owner, keeper, or harborer of a dog must keep the dog indoors, except to urinate, defecate, or for recreation, if the dog has a shelter but the shelter is not accessible because of snow, ice, flood water, or other conditions.
   (d)   Anyone who violates this section shall be guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(Ord. 25-2018.  Passed 8-9-18.)