(a)    Definitions. For the purpose of this section, the following terms shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them:
      (1)    "Dog" includes dogs of either sex more than three months of age.
      (2)    "Inoculated" means the administration of an anti-rabic vaccine, the type, method and administration of which has been approved by the Board of Health.
      (3)    "Veterinarian" means any person licensed to practice the profession of veterinary medicine in the State.
      (4)    "Harborer", as applied in this chapter, means a person who permits any dog or cat to remain and be lodged and/or fed within his home or property.
      (5)    "Cat" includes cats of either sex more than six months of age.
   (b)   Vaccination of Dogs and Cats.  It shall be the duty of every person who owns or harbors a dog or cat six (6) months of age or older, to have such animal immunized against rabies by a veterinarian each year. A certificate of inoculation of the dog during the last three years with chick-embryo rabies vaccine shall satisfy this requirement.
(Ord. 21-2005.  Passed 6-16-05.)
   (c)   Reports.  It shall be the duty of each veterinarian, when inoculating a dog with anti- rabic vaccine, to prepare, in triplicate, a certificate giving name and address of the owner or harborer of the dog, date of vaccination of dog, and the breed, age, color and sex of dog, and immediately present one triplicate copy to the owner or harborer of the dog, and mail one triplicate copy to the office of the Board of Health within five days from the date of inoculation of any dog.  The remaining triplicate copy shall be retained by the veterinarian for his file.
   At the time of the inoculation of any dog, the veterinarian shall also deliver to the owner or harborer of the dog a metal tag with the year and wording stamped thereon indicating the inoculation of the dog with anti-rabic vaccine.
(Ord. 17-1948.  Passed 7-15-48.)
   (d)   Vaccination Tag.  Every owner or harborer of a dog or cat, upon obtaining the tag from a veterinarian, shall immediately attach the tag to the collar or harness of the animal to be worn at all times. The owner or harborer shall retain the certificate obtained from the veterinarian for inspection by the officials of the Health and Police Department at all times.
(Ord. 21-2005.  Passed 6-16-05.)
   (e)   Exceptions.  The requirement imposed by subsection (c) hereof shall not apply to dogs kept by regularly chartered medical colleges or other educational or scientific institutions to be used for scientific purposes or to dogs kept in licensed breeding kennels and confined to the premises at all times and to dogs brought to the Village for exhibition purposes at any dog show, provided a permit for the holding of the show is obtained from the Board of Health.
(Ord. 17-1948.  Passed 7-15-48.)
   (f)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.