Any premises or parts thereof which become infested with rats or which are harbors or breeding places for rats, or which are kept in an unhealthy or unsanitary condition as to be attractive to rats as harbors or breeding places, or which constitute and contribute to providing the means of ingress and egress of rats to such harbors, from any cause, shall be cleaned and made ratproof.  The Sanitarian or other authorized officer of the Village, immediately upon being advised of the existence of such unlawful or unsanitary conditions, shall thereupon serve the owner or someone of the owners, executors, administrators, agents, lessees, occupants, corporation or any officer thereof, or any other person that may have a vested or contingent interest in the same or control over the same, with a written or printed notice or order specifying what the party so served shall do and designating the time limitation in which to comply with the notice or order.  The Sanitarian or Board of Health may extend the time to comply with the order, in writing, served on the party.  If the party served fails or refuses to comply with the order given within the time specified or written extension thereof, the Board may proceed to have the work done by giving the party served a written notice that he will be allowed twenty-four hours after the service of the notice in which to commence the performance of the notice.  If the party served refuses to comply, or if he does not commence to comply with the orders within twenty-four hours, the Sanitarian, if so directed by the Board of Health shall enter upon the premises with such force as authorized by the Board, and perform the work.  The cost thereby incurred shall upon the order of the Board of Health be paid out of the Board of Health funds.  Any expense so incurred shall be collected from the party served or his principle by action brought in the name of the Village in a court of competent jurisdiction, to be instituted by the Law Director.
(Ord. 11-1945.  Passed 6-21-45.)