A.   Enactment. Where summarily enacting a Public Health Hazard Order, the Mayor shall prepare a written order and publish it pursuant to this section.
   B.   Publication of Public Health Hazard Order. As possible and prudent under the circumstances, the Mayor shall cause a Public Health Hazard Order to be published:
      1.   Posting the order in a prominent place at Star City Hall;
      2.   Posting the order on the City's website;
      3.   E-mailing the order to all persons subscribed to City e-mail notification services;
      4.   Posting the order to all City social media accounts;
      5.   Providing the order to local television and radio broadcast outlets; and
      6.   Notifying other government agencies, including West Ada School District, Ada County Highway District, Ada County, and other municipalities.
   Except as may be specifically stated in the Public Health Hazard Order, such order shall be effective upon posting at Star City Hall. (Ord. 306, 3-25-2020)