A.   Purpose. By this chapter, the City Council of the City of Star, authorizes the Mayor to implement measures necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare in the rare event of a foreseeable, imminent, or present public health hazard, pursuant to the authority vested in the Mayor by Idaho Code section 50-606.
   B.   Exclusions. Unless otherwise specifically prohibited by a Public Health Hazard Order duly enacted by the Mayor, the following activities shall be exempt from the scope of such order:
      1.   Any and all expressive and associative activity that is protected by the United States and Idaho Constitutions, including speech, press, assembly, and/or religious activity.
      2.   Educational institutions, which shall follow the duly adopted policies of their respective governing bodies.
      3.   Activities necessary to operate critical infrastructure and utilities.
      4.   Activities necessary to operate and use medical facilities and services.
      5.   Activities necessary to buy, sell, or otherwise deliver food and necessities purchased in a grocery or convenience stores, gas stations and pharmacies.
   C.   Force majeure. In the context of this chapter, a public health hazard is a force majeure. No person shall be entitled to recover from the City of Star any costs incurred, or profits lost as may be alleged to be attributed to the enactment of a Public Health Hazard Order. (Ord. 306, 3-25-2020)