(A)   Substantial breach. The city reserves its right, as provided herein, to revoke any permit, without a fee refund, if there is a substantial breach of the terms and conditions of any statute, ordinance, rule or regulation, or any material condition of the permit. A substantial breach by permittee shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
      (1)   The violation of any material provision of the permit;
      (2)   An evasion or attempt to evade any material provision of the permit, or the perpetration or attempt to perpetrate any fraud or deceit upon the city or its citizens;
      (3)   Any material misrepresentation of fact in the application for a permit;
      (4)   The failure to complete the work in a timely manner; unless a permit extension is obtained or unless the failure to complete work is due to reasons beyond the permittee’s control; or
      (5)   The failure to correct, in a timely manner, work that does not conform to a condition indicated on an order issued pursuant to § 93.46.
   (B)   Written notice of breach. If the city determines that the permittee has committed a substantial breach of a term or condition of any statute, ordinance, rule, regulation or any condition of the permit, the city shall make a written demand upon the permittee to remedy such violation. The demand shall state that continued violations might be cause for revocation of the permit. A substantial breach, as stated above, will allow the city, at its discretion, to place additional or revised conditions on the permit to mitigate and remedy the breach.
   (C)   Response to notice of breach. Within 24 hours of receiving notification of the breach, permittee shall provide the city with a plan, acceptable to the city, which will cure the breach. Permittee’s failure to so contact the city, or the permittee’s failure to submit an acceptable plan, or permittee’s failure to reasonably implement the approved plan, shall be cause for immediate revocation of the permit.
   (D)   Reimbursement of city costs. If a permit is revoked, the permittee shall also reimburse the city for the city’s reasonable costs, including restoration costs and the costs of collection and reasonable attorney fees incurred in connection with such revocation.
(Ord. 2021-10-1, passed 10-12-2021)