(A)   Proposed projects. The Council shall each year determine by motion what street projects should occur during the year and the kind of work to be done on each. The Council shall also determine by resolution from time to time the streets on which trees shall be removed. Before any work is done pursuant to either of these resolutions, the Clerk shall, under the Council’s direction, publish notice that the Council will meet to consider such projects. Such notice shall be published in the official newspaper at least once no less than 2 weeks prior to such meeting of the Council and shall state the date, time, and place of such meeting, the streets affected and the particular projects proposed, and the estimated cost of each project, either in total or on the basis of the proposed assessment per front foot or otherwise.
   (B)   Hearing; order. At such hearing or at any adjournment thereof, the Council shall hear property owners with reference to the scope and desirability of the proposed projects. The Council shall thereupon adopt a resolution confirming the original projects with such modifications as it considers desirable and shall provide for the doing of the work by day labor through the City Maintenance Department or by contract. The City Maintenance Department shall keep a record of the cost and the portion of the cost properly attributable to each lot and parcel of property abutting on the street or alley on which the work is done, and shall report such information to the City Clerk.
(Ord. 2021-10-1, passed 10-12-2021)