§ 155.04  INSPECTIONS.
   (A)   Inspection authority. The Fire Inspector is authorized to enter and examine any building, structure, marine vessel, vehicle, or premises in accordance with § 155.03(C) for the purpose of enforcing this code in the Commercial districts, multi-family residential property and single family residential property with licensed child care.
   (B)   Inspections. The Fire Inspector is authorized to conduct such inspections as are deemed necessary to determine the extent of compliance with the provisions of this code and to approve reports of inspection by approved agencies or individuals. All reports of such inspections shall be prepared and submitted in writing for review and approval. Inspection reports shall be certified by a responsible officer of such approved agency or by the responsible individual. The Fire Inspector is authorized to engage such expert opinion as deemed necessary to report upon unusual, detailed or complex technical issues subject to the approval of the governing body.
   (C)   Concealed work. Whenever any installation subject to inspection prior to use is covered or concealed without having first been inspected, the Fire Inspector shall have the authority to require that such work be exposed for inspection.
(Ord. 2014-4-2, passed 4-8-2014)