(A)   Each application must explicitly and affirmatively state:
      (1)   The location of the premises at which the business shall be conducted;
      (2)   The owner or owners of such premises and the terms of any lease or agreement pertaining thereto;
      (3)   The names and addresses of all other persons or firms who have any financial interests whatsoever in the beer business proposed to be established;
      (4)   Whether the applicant will operate the business in person or by agent and, if by agent, the name and address of such agent;
      (5)   No person will be employed in the storage, sale or manufacture of such beverages who has been convicted within the past ten years of any law against possession, sale, manufacture or transportation of intoxicating liquor or any crime involving moral turpitude;
      (6)   The applicant will not engage in the sale of such beverages, except at the place or places for which the Beer Board has issued a permit or permits to such applicant;
      (7)   No sale of such beverages will be made, except in accordance with the permit granted;
      (8)   If the application is for a permit to sell for consumption off the premises, that no sale shall be made for consumption on the premises and that no consumption will be allowed on the premises thereof;
      (9)   No sale will be made to minors, and that the applicant will not permit minors or disorderly, intoxicated or disreputable persons to loiter around the place of business;
      (10)   The applicant will be responsible for any gambling on its premises and its permit subject to revocation by reason of the same. The applicant will not allow, nor has allowed, its place of business to become a public nuisance or a nuisance to law enforcing agencies of the city, nor that it has, or will, create a nuisance;
      (11)   The applicant has secured a certificate or statement from the Chief of Police or other officially designated official that the premises which the application covers meets the requirements of this chapter. Such certificate or statement must be attached to the original application; and
      (12)   The applicant has not had his or her license revoked in the past year.
   (B)   No application shall be acted upon by the Board unless:
      (1)   The application is submitted to the City Recorder at least 20 days prior to the Beer Board meeting at which it is to be considered unless said period is waived by the Beer Board. The Recorder shall, within 20 days after receipt of an application, notify each member of the Beer Board of such application;
      (2)   The application shall be reviewed by the City Attorney or City Administrator to assure compliance with all questions required by a city ordinance or state law governing the issuance of permits or the applications therefor; and
      (3)   The applicant will not conduct business or serve customers between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., except as authorized by the Board pursuant to § 8-210(A)(3) of this chapter.
(2011 Code, § 8-212)  (Ord. 03-28, passed 10- -2003)