(A)   A real estate company is an acquired company upon a change in the ownership interest in the company, however effected, if the change does not affect the continuity of the company; and of itself or together with prior changes has the effect of transferring, directly or indirectly, 90% or more of the total ownership interest in the company within a period of three years.
   (B)   With respect to real estate acquired after February 16, 1986, a family farm corporation is an acquired company when, because of voluntary or involuntary dissolution, it ceases to be a family farm corporation or when, because of issuance or transfer of stock or because of acquisition or transfer of assets that are devoted to the business of agriculture, it fails to meet the minimum requirements of a family farm corporation under this subchapter.
   (C)   Within 30 days after becoming an acquired company, the company shall present a declaration of acquisition with the Recorder of each county in which it holds real estate for the affixation of documentary stamps and recording. Such declaration shall set forth the value of real estate holdings of the acquired company in such county. A copy of the Pennsylvania Realty Transfer Tax Declaration of Acquisition may be submitted for this purpose.
(Ord. 56, passed 12-9-1986)