The City Manager is hereby authorized and directed to provide police officers with tickets which shall be used for the purpose of giving due notice to owners, chauffeurs and drivers of vehicles in violation of this chapter. Any owner, chauffeur, or driver when a ticket as herein provided is attached to the vehicle which he has left parked in the streets of the City contrary to the provisions of this chapter, shall appear at the place designated upon such ticket, and according to the directions thereon, shall comply with the instructions and directions appearing upon such ticket, pursuant to such violation. It shall be unlawful to fail or refuse to do so. Such ticket citation as herein provided, when attached to a vehicle in a conspicuous place, shall be a legal and sufficient summons, and legal and sufficient service thereof upon the owner, for the purposes specified thereon, provided, however, that this section shall not abridge the power of the police officers to arrest for crimes and misdemeanors.
(Ord. 67-14. Passed 1-9-67.)