(a)   The City Manager, is hereby authorized to mark off not to exceed 1,000 individual parking spaces in the streets and avenues within the territory bounded on the north by Buck Creek, on the east by Water Street, on the west by Yellow Springs Street and on the south by Pleasant Street.
   (b)   The City Manager is further authorized to mark off not to exceed 500 individual parking spaces within the following described territories:
      (1)   The land contained within the boundaries established by Fountain Avenue on the west, Union Street on the south, Limestone Street on the east and the New York Central Railroad tracks on the north.
      (2)   The land contained within the triangular shaped area at the south line of Washington Street between Spring Street and Limestone Street.
      (3)   Beginning at a point in the south line of Washington Street at the intersection of the east line of Center Street; thence south along Center Street to the first alley south of Washington Street; thence east along such alley 159 feet; thence north parallel to Center Street to the south line of Washington Street; thence west along the south line of Washington Street to the place of beginning.
   (c)   Only vehicles as defined in Section 301.51 shall be parked or stored in an individual parking space established pursuant hereto, and no vehicle or other object attempting to use such space shall be parked, stored or placed outside of the boundaries of such individual parking space adjacent to a parking meter.
   (d)   Upon the installation of such meters and the marking of such individual parking spaces, and any parking restrictions or regulations to the contrary notwithstanding, no person shall park or leave standing a motor vehicle in such individual parking space for a period of time longer than specified in Section 353.04. A violation of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed a misdemeanor punishable as set forth in Section 303.99.
(Ord. 67-14. Passed 1-9-67.)