(a)    There are hereby levied two annual license taxes, pursuant to Sections 4504.172 and 4504.173 of the Ohio Revised Code and in addition to that levied in Section 199.01, upon the operation of motor vehicles on the public roads or highways for the purpose of paying the cost and expenses of enforcing and administering the tax provided for in this section; and to supplement revenue already available to the City under this chapter and Sections 4504.04, 4504.06, 4504.17, or 4504.171 of the Ohio Revised Code.
   (b)    Such additional taxes shall be at the rate of two separate Five Dollars ($5.00) taxes per motor vehicle on each and every motor vehicle in the district the registration of which, as defined in Section 4503.10 of the Ohio Revised Code, is in the City.
   (c)    As used in this chapter, the term "motor vehicle" means any and all vehicles included within the definition of motor vehicle in Section 4501.01 and 4505.01 of the Ohio Revised Code.
(Ord. 19-134. Passed 5-21-19.)