1380.07  LIABILITY.
   (a)   Unless otherwise specifically provided, the owner, the owner's agent for the purpose of managing, controlling or collecting rents, and any other person managing or controlling a structure or premises in any part of which there is a violation of the provisions of this chapter, shall be liable for any violation therein, existing or occurring, or which may have existed or occurred, at or during any time when such person is or was the person owning or managing, controlling, or acting as agent in regard to said structure or premises and is subject to injunctions, abatement orders or other remedial orders.
   (b)   The liabilities  and obligations  imposed on an owner  shall attach to any financial institution, mortgage company, or any other person or entity with or without an interest in the structure or premises who knowingly takes any action in any judicial or  administrative proceeding that is  intended to delay issuance or  enforcement of any remedy for  any violation of the Codes, provided that with respect to fines such person shall be liable only for fines which accrue on or after the date of such action and further provided that no liability shall be imposed under this section for any action taken in any proceeding, including a proceeding to foreclose on a lien, that does not delay or prevent the prosecution of any action brought by the City to enforce the adopted Codes.
   (c)   In the event the City, due to lack of response of an owner or agent, is required to take action, through its own efforts or via a contract for such services, to abate a nuisance at a vacant property the owner will be billed for the cost of the abatement to include all labor and materials needed to correct the violation.  Nuisance abatements shall include, but are not be limited to, elimination of hazardous conditions, cutting of weeds and overgrowth, securing and/or boarding of a structure, trash cleanup and disposal and demolition.