(a)   After the Phase I map is approved, the owner or developer shall submit such prints of the corrected Phase I plan as the Director shall require.
   (b)   As an option at the time of submitting the Phase I prints hereby required, the subdivider or the subdivider’s developer may also submit the corrected Phase I plan and profile with final computations on sizing of waterlines and storm and sanitary sewers as required by Section 1205.02(d)(2).  Within 30 days after the submission of the corrected Phase I plan, profile, and final computations, the subdivider and the subdivider’s developer will be informed of any additional changes which will be recommended or required by the review agencies, if any, for the Phase 2 plat approval.  If the subdivider is not so informed within such period, there shall be a period of one year's time thereafter in which the applicant can be assured that no more changes or demands can be made against his plan without his consent unless changes to applicable subdivision regulations or other ordinances passed by City Commission occur during that time.