In the event the Health Commissioner or Services Director determines that the City wellheads or well fields will be threatened by the continuance of a public nuisance and determines that the designated public nuisance must be removed immediately to prevent imminent potential injury to the City’s wellheads or well fields, the Health Commissioner and Services Director shall report such facts to the City Manager, and the City Manager shall cause whatever immediate action is necessary to abate such public nuisance at the expense of the property owner for all accrued costs.  When an emergency public nuisance has been determined by the aforesaid officers, the abatement shall be carried out without regard for the requirements of Sections 929.08, 929.09, and 929.11 through 929.14, except that the City Manager shall, to the extent reasonably permitted by the exigency of the circumstances, give the owners of the subject premises, written or personal notice of his intended action and an opportunity for hearing thereon.
(Ord. 00-456. Passed 12-19-00.)