Any prospective franchisee shall provide an officer's certificate to the City certifying, under oath, and documenting any and all adjudicated or pending actions or matters brought or filed against it or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries by any governmental authority, whether federal, state, administrative, local or otherwise, which involve compliance or noncompliance with environmental rules or regulations, the violation of which did or could result in criminal or civil penalties being assessed or settlements in excess of five thousand dollars ($5,000), or of a criminal or civil nature filed by such a governmental authority which involves allegations including, but not limited to, antitrust matters, price-fixing, bid rigging, fraud or bribery, covering a period of five years prior to the first reading of the ordinance establishing the prospective franchisee as a sanitation services public utility.
(Ord. 87-240. Passsed 7-17-87.)