As used in this chapter and in Chapters 921, 922 and 923:
   (a)   "Solid waste" means garbage, rubbish and such other unwanted residual solid and semisolid materials as result from industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic operations; but excludes dangerous substances and demolition matter.
      For purposes of this definition, solid wastes includes bulky items such as automobiles, furniture, bed springs and large appliances. For purposes of this definition, "semisolid" means that the material in question, while cohesive and viscous, slowly flows or loses its shape when unconfined, and does not readily release liquids, under normal climatic conditions.
   (b)   "Garbage" means all waste matter, solid, liquid or mixed, which attends, exists, is created or accumulates within the City from the preparation, cleaning, cooking, use, storage or sale of or dealing in meats, fish, fowl, fruits, vegetables, cereals, grain or other animal, vegetable or mineral matter designed or intended as foodstuff for human consumption; but does not include dangerous substances.
   (c)   "Rubbish" means all natural refuse resulting from the use of any premises as a residence, such as furniture, appliances, parts of furniture or appliances, ashes, paper, tin cans, bottles, brush, grass, leaves or other similar substances, or containers, and also sweepings, dirt, paper and other debris resulting from the use of any premises as a mercantile establishment or place of business, but does not include any demolition matter or any dangerous substances.
   (d)   "Dangerous substance" means controlled substances, hazardous substances, excrement (human or animal), septic tank cleanings and all other substances that are harmful or inimical to public health.
   (e)   "Demolition matter" means those items affixed to a structure being constructed or demolished, such as brick, concrete, stone, glass, wallboard, framing and finishing lumber, roofing materials, plumbing, plumbing fixtures, wiring and insulation material.
   (f)   "Person" means an individual or group or association of individuals; a firm or any member thereof; a corporation, or any executive officer, manager, person in charge or employee thereof; and the use of a pronoun specifying the masculine gender shall include the feminine and neuter genders.
   (g)   "Premises" means real property, whether private or public, along with the structures thereon and that portion of any waterways thereon or contiguous thereto.
   (h)   "Owner" means the legal owner of a freehold estate in real property.
   (i)   "Calendar year" means a twelve month period beginning January 1 and ending December 31.
   (j)   "Year" means a period of twelve consecutive calendar months.
   (k)   "Quarter" or "quarterly" means a period of three consecutive calendar months in any given year.
   (l)   "Residential unit" means a dwelling within the corporate limits of the City occupied by an individual or group of individuals living together in common living quarters. A residential unit shall be deemed occupied when domestic water services are being supplied thereto.
   (m)   "Residential premises" means premises used as a dwelling within the corporate limits of the City and containing not more than six residential units.
   (n)   "Sanitation services" means the collection and disposal of solid waste and the sweeping of streets.
   (o)   "Sanitation services public utility" means an entity to which the City has granted a franchise to supply sanitation services to residential premises.
   (p)   "Rear door" means any point located behind the front line of a building on a residential premises.
   (q)   "Controlled substance" means any drug or other substances, or immediate precursor, which as a potential for abuse and:
   (1)   Abuse may lead to any physical or psychological dependence, or
   (2)   The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and there is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision. The term does not include distilled spirits, wine, malt beverages, or tobacco.
   (r)   "Hazardous substances" means any substance or mixture of substances which:
      (1)   Is toxic,
      (2)   Is corrosive,
      (3)   Is an irritant,
      (4)   Is a strong sensitizer,
      (5)   Is flammable or combustible,
      (6)   Is radioactive and has a capacity to produce personal injury or illness to man through ingestion, inhalation or absorption through any body surface, or
      (7)   Generates pressure through decomposition, heat or other means, if such substances or mixture of substances may cause substantial personal injury or substantial illness during or as a proximate result of any customary or reasonably foreseeable handling or use, including reasonably foreseeable ingestion by children.
   (s)   "Residential hauler" means an entity to which the City has issued a residential solid waste collectors license pursuant to Chapter 922.
   (t)   "Commercial hauler" means an entity to which the City has issued a private solid waste collectors license pursuant to Chapter 921.
   (u)   "City" means The City of Springfield, Ohio.
   (v)   "Tenant" means any person, other than an owner, occupying or with the right to occupy a premises by virtue of any form of tenancy recognized in Ohio.
      (Ord. 90-639. Passed 12-4-90.)