(a)   Unpaid Charges Made a Lien. Each stormwater utility service charge levied by or pursuant to this Chapter is hereby made a lien upon the corresponding lot, land or premises served by the City’s stormwater system and, if the same is not paid within thirty days after it is due and payable, it shall be certified to the Auditor of Clark County, who shall place the same on the tax duplicate of the County, with the interest and penalties allowed by law and be collected as other taxes are collected.
   (b)   Payment Required Prior to Water Service Resumption.  Where a bill for a stormwater utility service charge levied and assessed by this Chapter has not been paid as provided by the rules and regulations of the City Manager and the proper shutoff notice has been delivered, the water shall thereafter be shut off in accordance with these rules and regulations, it shall not thereafter be turned on again until all charges due and payable, including advance charges, if any, are fully paid.
   (c)   Application.  This section shall apply whether or not there has been, in the meantime, a change of ownership or possession of the Property to which the stormwater utility service charge pertains, except as provided in subsections (d) and (e) hereof.
   (d)   Insolvent or Bankrupt Sewer User.  Where premises in arrears for payment of stormwater utility service charges becomes subject to a bankruptcy or insolvency court, the City Manager may permit the supply of water to such premises to be continued or restored without previous payment of the stormwater utility service charge accrued under the bankrupt or insolvent owner.
   (e)   Foreclosure Proceedings Against Premises Supplied With City Storm-water Utility Services.  Whenever the Department of Finance, Utilities Billing Division, has been given written notice that foreclosure proceedings have been instituted against Property supplied with City stormwater utility services, the Department shall arrange to require deposit payments or other suitable guaranties in advance for the stormwater utility services furnished to such premises until the premises have been sold or the proceedings otherwise terminated.  If the Department receives notification in writing of the pendency of the foreclosure proceedings and the location of the Property affected thereby prior to such sale, the purchaser at the foreclosure sale shall be entitled to have stormwater utility services furnished to the Property without payment of charges accrued under the previous owner, for any period subsequent to the date of the receipt of notice of the pendency of foreclosure proceedings by the Department.
(Ord. 15-164, Passed 6-9-15.)