No ordinance passed by the city commission, unless it be an emergency measure or the annual appropriation ordinance, shall go into effect until fourteen (14) days after its final passage. If, at any time within said fourteen (14) days, a petition signed by ten percent (10%) of the total number of registered voters in the municipality at the last regular municipal election be filed with the clerk of the city commission, requesting that any such ordinance be repealed or amended as stated in the petition, it shall not become operative until the steps indicated herein have been taken. Such petition shall have stated therein the names and addresses of at least five (5) electors as a committee to represent the petitioners.
   Referendum petitions need not contain the text of the ordinance or ordinances the repeal of which is sought, but shall contain the proposed amendment, if an amendment is demanded, and shall be subject in all other respects to the requirements for petitions submitting proposed ordinances to the City Commission. Voting devices used in referendum elections shall conform in all respects to those provided for in Section 52 of this Charter.
(Amended 11-8-77, Ord. No. 77-295, Yeas 7,343; Nays 5,951.)