The city commission shall appoint five (5) electors of the city as civil service commissioners. Members of the civil service commission shall not hold any other public office except that of notary public. Members shall be appointed to serve for a term of three (3) years and until their successors have been appointed and qualified. Any vacancy shall be filled by the city commission for the unexpired term. The city commission may remove any member upon stating in writing the reasons for removal and allowing him an opportunity to be heard in his own defense. The members of the existing civil service commission shall continue in office for their appointed terms.
   Except as otherwise provided herein, the civil service commission, and all matters pertaining to civil service of The City of Springfield, Ohio, shall be governed by the general laws of the state presently in effect, or hereafter enacted, which are applicable thereto. The positions of chief of police and fire chief in the city shall be in the unclassified service as that term is defined and with the same effect as is given such term in Section 124.11 of the Ohio Revised Code as presently enacted. The chief of police and fire chief shall be appointed and may be removed by the City Manager, subject to the concurrence by a majority vote of the city commission.
   In the case of promotion of any person to a rank above the rank of patrolman in the police division of the city or to a rank above the rank of firefighter in the fire division of the city, other than a promotion or appointment to the position of chief of police or fire chief in the city, such promotion shall be made only after a person has passed a competitive promotional examination. Such examination shall include an evaluation of such factors as education, training, capacity, and knowledge. Examinations shall consist of one or more tests in any combination. Tests shall be written and oral and shall be designed to fairly test the relative capacity of the persons examined to discharge the particular duties of the position for which appointment is sought. Credit for efficiency and seniority in service shall be added to the examination grade.
   The number, type and weight to be given such tests in the examination process and the relative weight to be given to efficiency and seniority in service shall be set forth by an ordinance duly adopted by the city commission.
(Amended 11-8-83, Ord. No. 83-395.)
   In the case of appointment of any person to the classified position of police officer in the Police Division of the City, the City Manager may appoint persons who have obtained and maintained Basic Ohio Peace Officer Certification and who are employed by another jurisdiction as a police officer, deputy sheriff, or state highway patrol officer to such position without first administering a competitive examination. In lieu of a competitive examination, the City Manager may assess the merit and fitness of any such applicant so qualified by review of his or her record while employed in a law enforcement officer. The selection procedures and selection criteria applicable to such persons appointed without taking a competitive examination shall be as set forth by an ordinance duly adopted by the City Commission.
(Enacted 11-4-97, Ord. No. 97-307, Yeas 6,030; Nays 5,630.)