The fiscal year of the city shall begin on the first day of January. On or before the first day of November of each year, the city manager shall submit to the city commission an estimate of the expenditures and revenues of the city departments for the ensuing year. This estimate shall be compiled from detailed information obtained from the several departments on uniform blanks to be furnished by the city manager. The classification of the estimate of expenditures shall be as nearly uniform as possible for the main functional divisions of all departments, and shall give in parallel columns the following information:
   (a)   A detailed estimate of the expense of conducting each department as submitted by the department.
   (b)   Expenditures for corresponding items for the last two (2) fiscal years.
   (c)   Expenditures for corresponding items for the current fiscal year, including adjustments due to transfers between appropriations plus an estimate of expenditures necessary to complete the current fiscal year.
   (d)   Increase or decrease of requests compared with the corresponding appropriations for the current year.
   (e)   Such other information as is required by the city commission or that the city manager may deem advisable to submit.
   (f)   The recommendation of the city manager as to the amounts to be appropriated with reasons therefor in such detail as the city commission may direct.
   Sufficient copies of such estimate shall be prepared and submitted that there may be copies on file in the office of the city clerk for inspection by the public.