The mayor shall be the president of the city commission, shall preside at meetings of the city commission, shall have equal voting privileges as other members of the city commission, shall exercise ceremonial functions on behalf of the city, and shall be recognized as the head of the city government by the governor for purposes of military law. The mayor shall have no regular administrative duties. The mayor shall take command of the police, and govern the city by proclamation during times of public danger or emergency, and the mayor shall be the sole determiner of what constitutes public danger or emergency. The term of the mayor shall be four (4) years.
   The city commission shall appoint one of its members, not including the mayor, to be assistant mayor. The mayor shall have a vote on this appointment. The assistant mayor shall act as mayor during the absence or disability of the mayor. Unless otherwise provided in this Charter, the term of office of the assistant mayor shall be two (2) years.
(Amended 5-7-02, Ord. No. 02-120, Yeas 3,105; Nays 1,265.)