(a)   The owner or operator of any facility which is required to prepare or have available a "Material Safety Data Sheet" (MSDS) or an emergency and hazardous chemical inventory from under subtitle B, Sections 311 and 312 of the Superfund Amendments and Re-authorization Act of 1986 hereinafter referred to as "(SARA)", or any facility where such information is deemed necessary by the Fire Chief or his designee, shall provide and maintain the following information at the facility site for emergency response personnel:
      (1)   A current list of key facility personnel knowledgeable about safety procedures of materials on site, complete with current telephone numbers for such personnel in the event of an incident after normal business hours of facility operation.
      (2)   A current emergency and hazardous chemical inventory form as per Section 312 SARA.
      (3)   A binder containing the MSDS required under Subtitle B, Section 311 of SARA or in the event of a volume of MSDS too great to practically keep in the lock box or boxes, the information in the lock box or boxes shall give the location of the on site MSDS and the MSDS shall be readily available for use by emergency personnel.
      (4)   A site plan which shall include the following:
         A.   The location of storage and use of hazardous materials on-site.
         B.   The location of on-site emergency fire fighting and spill clean-up equipment.
         C.   A diagram of the complete sewer system, water system, fire hydrants and topographical information relative to the facility.
   (b)   Lock Boxes. The information required in subsection (a) hereof shall be maintained in an approved lock box or boxes at a location or locations approved by the Fire Official. All information required by this chapter shall be maintained in current order in accordance with this chapter and Sections 311 and 312 of Subtitle B of SARA.
   (c)   Lock Box Specifications. All lock boxes as required by subsection (b) hereof shall be a minimum of fourteen (14) inches x eighteen (18) inches x five (5) inches and constructed of one-eighth (1/8) inch plate steel with an additional one-fourth (1/4) inch steel front plate or equivalent. All lock boxes required shall be equipped with a high security Medeco Level three (3) lock or equivalent.
   (d)   Lock Box Alternative. When the information required by subsection (a) hereof is too great for a lock box or boxes an alternative method for making the information available shall be permitted. The information may be kept in a locked file cabinet or cabinets in a location protected from vandalism and fire, in an area remote from where the hazardous materials are stored, handled or processed. The alternative method and location shall be acceptable to, and approval by, the Fire Official. When this method is used to provide the required information keys to the building, area within the building where the cabinet or cabinets are, and the file cabinet or cabinets shall be kept in a lock box as required by subsection (b) hereof.
   (e)   Identification of Lock Box or Boxes and/or Alternative. The location of all lock boxes or alternative filing cabinets required by this section shall be clearly identified by a highly visible three (3) inch reflective federal safety yellow diagonal stripe across the "Box or Cabinet".
   (f)   Large Facilities. For larger facilities or facilities with multiple buildings, the Fire Chief or his designee shall designate the number and location of the lock boxes.
(Ord. 06-303. Passed 8-8-06.)