1507.06 FIRE LANES.
   Notwithstanding the provisions of 1501 of the Codified Ordinances, additional requirements regarding fire lanes are set out in the following sections.
   (a)   Extent. Fire lanes shall be required by the Fire Official to extend on any or all sides of a building's perimeter where necessary for fire fighting access.
   (b)   Turning Radius. Turning radius within fire lanes shall be a minimum of forty-five (45) feet turning path. "Turning path" means that area which includes the outer front overhang and the inner rear wheel of the fire apparatus.
   (c)   Special Equipment. The Fire Official shall require when necessary a larger turning path for other typical fire apparatus of the jurisdiction.
   (d)   Signs. Fire lanes shall be posted at a maximum of every seventy-five (75) feet with an approved sign capable of being seen from the direction of travel.
   (e)   Sign Installation. The property owner, or any agent shall furnish, install and maintain all signs required to properly designate the fire lanes required by this Fire Prevention Code.
   (f)   Site Plan. The property owner, or any agent, shall provide a scaled site plan of the premises for the Fire Official to visually illustrate designated fire lanes.
   (g)   Special Areas. The Fire Official may, upon written request from the property owner or any agent, designate certain loading/unloading areas within the fire lanes. These loading/unloading shall be designated for reasons such as the movement of merchandise or materials to stores within the fire lane area, the loading or discharging of passengers from a means of public mass transit, or the movement of handicapped persons.
   (h)   Obstructions. The obstructing, parking, standing, stopping or any cessation of motion of a vehicle or object, irrespective of whether such vehicle is occupied or not and irrespective of the duration of time, within a designated fire lane, is prohibited except where lawfully permitted, or by a public safety vehicle on an emergency basis.
      (Ord. 06-303. Passed 8-8-06.)