Every partnership or corporation desiring to engage in the business of plumbing as an active master plumber shall file with the Secretary of the Plumbers Examining Board, a statement subscribed and sworn to by the partners of such partnership or an officer of such corporation, stating the partners of such partnership, its place of business or the officers of such corporation and its place of business.  Every such partnership or corporation shall have at least one partner of such partnership or one officer of such corporation, who is a qualified licensed active master plumber and such partnership or corporation may follow and engage in such business as an active master plumber upon the license of such partner or officer.  If such partner or officer of such partnership or corporation ceases to represent it actively, then no partnership or corporation or employee thereof shall engage in such business of master plumber until another person has qualified as herein provided.  In the event more than one partner or officer engages in actual plumbing, such persons shall be licensed as follows:  one partner or officer of the corporation or partnership shall have an active master plumber's license and all other persons who engage in actual plumbing shall have a journeyman plumber's license or either an active or inactive master plumber's license.