(a)     Whenever it is brought to the attention of the Commissioner of Health that any dangerous or unsanitary condition exists, or that any construction or work regulated by this Plumbing Code is dangerous, unsafe, unsanitary or a menace to life, health or property, or is in violation of this Plumbing Code, the Health Commissioner may request an investigation by the Plumbing Inspector, who upon determining such information to be true, shall order any person, firm or corporation using or maintaining any such condition, or responsible for the use or maintenance thereof, to discontinue the use of or maintenance thereof, or to repair, alter, change, remove or demolish the same as he may consider necessary for the proper protection of life, health or property.  In a case where there is danger of pollution of the water supply, the Health Commissioner may order the water service shut off until such plumbing is made safe to life and health.  In cases where any business establishment is closed by the Health Commissioner because of conditions detrimental to public health, such business shall remain closed until permission to reopen such place of business has been granted by the Health Commissioner.
   (b)     In cases where any building is condemned by the Health Commissioner and ordered vacated because of being dangerous to life and health, such building shall remain vacant until permission to reopen such building has been granted by the Health Commissioner.
   (c)     Every order pursuant to this section shall be in writing, addressed to the owner, agent or person responsible for the premises in which such conditions exist and shall specify the date or time when such order shall be complied with, which time shall allow a reasonable period in which the order can be complied with by the person, firm or corporation receiving such order, but shall never exceed the maximum period for which such construction can be safely used or maintained in the judgment of the Health Commissioner.  Refusal, failure or neglect to comply with such notice or order shall be considered a violation of this Plumbing Code.
   (d)     It shall be the duty of the Plumbing Inspector and of the Health Commissioner to enforce the provisions of this Plumbing Code, but nothing herein contained shall be construed to exempt any other officer or department from the obligation imposed upon them of enforcing the provisions hereof.