The Plumbing Inspector shall maintain public office hours necessary to efficiently administer the provisions of this Plumbing Code and amendments thereto, and shall perform the following duties:
   (a)   Keep a record of all work submitted to him for inspection, together with his action thereon.
   (b)   Keep a record of the plumbing in each building in the City erected after October 27, 1952.
   (c)   Inspect all plumbing work authorized by a permit to assure compliance with this Plumbing Code or amendments thereto, approving or condemning work in whole or in part as conditions require.
   (d)   Issue a certificate of approval for any work approved by him.
   (e)   Condemn and reject all work done, or being done, or materials used, or being used, which do not in all respects comply with the provisions of this Plumbing Code and amendments thereto.
   (f)   Order changes in workmanship or materials essential to obtain compliance with all provisions of this Plumbing Code.
   (g)   Investigate unsanitary conditions in any building or premises, resulting from defective plumbing or lack of plumbing therein, which makes it a menace to health and to issue orders for the abatement of such conditions.