Whenever used in this chapter, the following terms shall have and include the meanings respectively ascribed thereto:
   (a)   "Authorized agent" means any person authorized by another to act for him.
   (b)   "Building" means any structure, edifice, erection or construction built over and upon any lands, within the City by means of any art, trade or craft, whether built or intended for use for habitation, business, commercial or other purposes.
   (c)   “Building contractor” means any general contractor, general subcontractor or any specialty contractor.
   (d)   "City" means the City of Springfield, Ohio.
   (e)   "Contract" means any legally binding agreement, written or oral, entered into between a contractor and owner, lessee, or owner and lessee.
   (f)   "General contractor" means:
   (1)   Any person engaged in the business of, or who undertakes for another person, whether as a prime contractor or as a subcontractor, whether by oral or written agreement, all or a portion of any work as herein described, and who is or may be contractually obliged to supervise all or any portion of any such work for another, and shall also include every person who is engaged in the business of, or who enters into undertakings incidental to demolition, excavation, moving or construction contracting.
      (2)   Any person who performs work or obtains the performance of work, as hereinafter defined, with the intention of thereafter selling the building or structure upon which such work is performed.
      (3)   The term “general contractor’ does not include a specialty contractor licensed under chapter 4740 of the Ohio Revised Code.
   (g)   "Owner" means the person vested with the ownership, dominion or title of property.
   (h)   "Person" means any individual, firm, corporation or any combination thereof.  The masculine gender, when used herein, shall include the feminine and neuter genders, and the singular shall include the plural.
   (i)   “Specialty contractor” means a person holding a valid licensed issued under Chapter 4740 of the Ohio Revised Code.
   (j)   "Supervise" means to have control of the work performed by contract, written or oral, or by reason of a lease, to insure that all work performed is not in violation of this Code, any rules, statute or ordinance of the City.
   (k)   "Work" means the erection, construction, repair, improvement, moving, removal, altering or remodeling of any building or structure or any part thereof.
      (Ord. 01-237.  Passed 6-26-01.)