(a)   A person charged with a violation of the Codified Ordinances of The City of Springfield, Ohio, and served with a notice of civil offense and civil fine specified as subject to reduction for correction of the violation may offer proof of correction to the hearing examiner. The offer of proof of correction may be submitted in person or, to avoid the necessity of personal appearance, may be submitted as affidavits or other documentary evidence, by mail. A person charged who chooses to submit proof of correction by mail and chooses not to attend the hearing is authorizing the hearing examiner to determine whether the correction has or has not been timely made based on the mailed submission and evidence the City may present at the hearing.
   (b)   For those offenses that provide for a reduction in civil fine on proof of correction, on being satisfied that the offense has been corrected, the examiner shall reduce the otherwise applicable civil fine by 75 percent. If the civil fine is eliminated or reduced and the person previously paid the civil fine, the amount paid in excess of the revised civil fine shall be returned to the person; if the civil fine is reduced and the person has not previously paid the civil fine, the person must pay only the amount of the civil fine as reduced. An unpaid civil fine is due and must be paid within ten days after the determination of the examiner, or the fine is deemed delinquent.